Compak, Inc.  Industrial packaging

Custom Foam

Allowing Compak to offer “Total Solution Packaging” was our addition of custom foam products. We design and manufacture a wide array of innerpacking to fit each unique application.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has many functions. This type of foam can be used for corner guards, end caps and even as insulation for cold products. EPS can also be hot wired to form any shape or size to fit your need.

Polyethylene can provide maximum protection for your product during shipment. Because it is a closed cell foam and holds its memory it can be reused for multiple shipments.

Polyurethane offers a flexible packaging alternative to other foam products. It can be die cut to form specific shapes and sizes and makes an excellent absorber/dampener of sound. This product is easily laminated to corrugated, wood and plastic.

Antistatic P.E. allows for innerpacking of electronic components.

EVA offers an extreme density that provides returnable packaging for your product.

Foam is a versatile medium, which can provide maximum protection and cushioning for your product. Combining our corrugated line with foam allows us to create a complete package for your project no matter how big or small.

Compak, Inc.  Industrial Packaging