Compak, Inc.  Industrial packaging


As a qualified sort/rework vendor to the “BIG 3” (DaimlerChrysler, Ford and GM) Compak has been providing the assembly plants and production suppliers with RAPID onsite/offsite rework of uncertified parts. Allowing the constant flow of production and eliminating COSTLY DOWN TIME.

We are centrally located and able to provide added value services such as assembly, sequencing and warehousing in addition to our multifaceted rework capabilities.

Inspection/Sorting – Auditing – Rework* - Rack Repair

*Laser(steel/plastic)/drill press(tapping)/punch press/milling/grinding/lathe/welding/
sanding/sheering/saws(band, jig, table, radial arm)/die cutting

 Compak will provide a piece price when requested. General labor rates apply to most applications. (4 hour minimum) Contact Kyle Hultgren with any questions or for a reference.

Compak, Inc.  Industrial Packaging