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Many special fastener, electronic, aerospace, semi-conductor and special industrial products must now be manufactured and packaged under specific environmental conditions. Continued progress in high tech industries has resulted in a need for strict environmental control systems.

Through the use of hepa filters and air circulation systems, Clean Rooms can control the existence of airborne particles to specified limits. In addition, temperature and humidity levels are controlled within specific ranges.


Do your growth plans include development of new products, which may require clean room packaging? Is your current business being held back because of special cleaning and packaging requirements? Do you already have access to a Clean Room, but can't get products through on a timely enough basis to give timely customer service?


  • We have a certified Class 10,000 rated room and a Class 100 rated bench. We maintain our room at standards substantially higher than required to ensure that your parts are packaged safely to your requirements.
  • We utilize the Climet Instrument CI-4100, which is a laser diode based portable airborne particle counter, for measuring the level of Clean Room contaminates.
  • A dual filter system constantly cleans solvent that is used for cleaning and preserving parts.
  • Your products will be packaged by trained personnel with experience in Clean Room packaging and preservation methods.
  • Our strict Clean Room operating procedures safeguard the quality of your products at every step of the process.
  • Quick turnaround and full support services such as full warehousing/distribution, inventory control, export packing and shipping can be provided to serve your needs.

Mil-STD-2073-2C Specification Examples:

Mil-B-131, Mil-B-121, Mil-P-130, Mil-P-17667, L-P-378, PPP-B-636, Mil-B-117, PPP-B-566, PPP-B-676, PPP-B-636 W5, Mil-C-104, PPP-B-636 V3c, PPP-B-621, PPP-B-601, MIL-P-197, Mil-P-3420, Mil-L-21260, Mil-C-16173, VV-L-800, Mil-C-11796

Compak, Inc.  Industrial Packaging